We archive, port, and maintain classic Finnish freeware and shareware games.
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Game releases

Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed

GitHub ~/tapankaikki4
Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed

Successor of Ultimate Tapan Kaikki.


GitHub ~/kops

Classic two-dimensional gravitational shoot'yer'friend game.

Triplane Classic

GitHub ~/triplane

Classic side-scrolling dogfighting game featuring solo missions and multiplayer mode.

Ski Jump International v3

GitHub ~/skijump3-sdl

Epic ski jumping game with lots of real hills. Challenge your friends in hotseat World Cup.

For game authors

Are you sitting on some old source code for a classic suomipeli?! Get in touch on Slack, and we'll get to work porting that stuff to 2018 and beyond!

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